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Best Investment Apps for UK Investors

The best investment apps in the UK have taken investing truly mobile, allowing you to track the performance of your portfolio, as well as buy and sell shares and stocks from anywhere in the world, at any time of day or night.

Whilst most of the best investment apps are completely free to download, there are associated costs with the use of an investment app and therefore we have compared all the fees so you can make a completely informed choice as to how to best maximise your returns.

The other thing to consider is the principle function of the investment app. Some investment apps are better for beginners, some are more suited to seasoned investors who prefer to create their own portfolio from scratch. Either way, there is the perfect investment app out there for everyone, regardless of your requirements.

12 Best Investment Apps in the UK

Rank Investment App What we like Get App
1 eToro

eToro – Good for Low Cost Trading

67% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. Your capital is at risk. Other fees apply. For more information, visit etoro.com/trading/fees

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2 Interactive Investor Interactive Investor – Good DIY Investors
Minimum deposit – £0
Fee – £9.99 + £7.99 per trade
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3 InvestEngine InvestEngine
Suitable for both experienced investors and newcomers. New customers get a £50 welcome bonus! Read more in my review of InvestEngine.
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4 Fineco Fineco Bank
Get 100 commission free trades use Promo code FIN100-AF
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5 Moneyfarm Moneyfarm – Good for beginners
Minimum deposit – £500
Fee – 0.75%
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6 Moneybox Moneybox – Good for beginners
Minimum deposit – £1
Fee – £1 per month + 0.45%
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7 Vanguard Vanguard – Good for low cost
Minimum deposit – £500
£9.99 pm + £7.99 per trade
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8 Freetrade App Freetrade – Good for free shares
Minimum deposit – £0
Fee – £0
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9 Stake App Stake – Good for free shares
Minimum deposit – £0
Fee – £0
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10 Plum App Plum – Good for Saving
Minimum deposit – £0
Fee – £1 per month
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11 Wombat App Wombat- Good for small investments
Minimum deposit – £10
Fee – £0 for investments under £1,000
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12 tickr app tickr – Good for impact investing
Minimum deposit – £5
Fee – £1 per month
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13 Nutmeg Nutmeg – Good for beginners
Minimum deposit – £500
Fee – 0.75%
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Best Investment Apps for a Beginner

One of the best investment apps for a beginner is Nutmeg. If you are just starting your investment journey, then it might be wise to choose an investment platform like Nutmeg that can supply you with high levels of education and information, as well as ready-made portfolios matched to your risk profile. This allows you to take on a ‘set it and forget’ type approach, whereby the investment app can do all the hard work for you behind the scenes.

The best investment apps for a beginner in my opinion include the follow:

  • Nutmeg – Done for you portfolios, starting with as little as £100 for a Lifetime ISA or £500 for GIA and ISA pots
  • Moneyfarm – New socially responsible portfolios with a minimum deposit of £500
  • Moneybox – Simple to set up and start an investment portfolio from just £1
  • eToro – Good beginners but also one of the best investment apps for low-cost trading


Nutmeg are a UK based investment platform that offer a mobile app and desktop platform. They have their full eight-year track record on the performance of their ready-made investment portfolios published on their website demonstrating a great return on investments. Nutmeg now have more than £2 billion in assets under management and offer their users access to a financial adviser who will conduct an in-depth review of your finances in order to help you plan for your retirement, invest wisely and quantify your financial goals. One of the biggest benefits from this provider is that they have waived their portfolio management fee for the first six months of opening a new account.

What we like about this app

The Nutmeg app has succeeded in simplifying investing with clear, concise information that is suitable for novice investors. There is robust account functionality including excellent user experience (UX) functionality and the ability to adjust your portfolio including editing your risk level. The clear design and transparency allow you to access real-time valuations of your portfolio from anywhere. We are also a fan of Nutmegonomics which includes blog posts and trading updates.

*0% Portfolio Management fees for 6 Months on all new accounts*


Moneyfarm is another great investment app for beginners, and they provide their users with fully managed portfolios as well as investment advice which includes an investor profile that has been matched to your investment knowledge, attitude to risk and the amount you intend to invest. This can be invaluable when it comes to selecting your investments, ensuring you make the right choices the first time around and avoid costly mistakes. There are seven portfolios to choose from, each with a different level of risk. Their level six portfolio achieved a 16.6% return in 2019 which makes them one of the best performing options.

There is also a free pension drawdown service at Moneyfarm making them an attractive option for people looking to transfer their pension to another provider.

Why we like this app

The Moneyfarm app scores a very dignified 4.7 out of 5 on the app store which is testament to the clear functionality and modern design you can expect. It provides full functionality for managing your investments on the go and even provides access to ‘investment consultants’

On a negative note, we would have preferred it if they didn’t overlap your contributions on the performance graph in order to give a more accurate representation of how your investments were performing.


If you are a beginner and new to investing, but would like to learn as you go, including obtaining an understanding of the terminology, then Moneybox is a great option. They provide investors with excellent levels of information including tools to help predict the future value of your investments. Moneybox also have a great round-up feature that allows you to drip-feed money into your investment account as you spend. They have a range of portfolios to suit your risk appetite as well as a socially responsible fund for those who wish to invest in line with their values.

Why we like this app

The Moneybox app provides investors with a truly modern, slick, investing experience. This has been widely recognised with awards including Best Money App and Best for Beginners in The Times and Sunday Times. The app has plenty of functionality as well as newsletters and articles and is easy to use, allowing you to access all your accounts and adjust your investments on the move. The Moneybox app has scored a very respectable 4.7 out of 5 on the App Store.

Best Investment App for Do-it-Yourself Investors

Interactive Investor

Interactive Investor are a great option for do-it-yourself investors who are looking for an extensive range of investment opportunities from which to build a highly diverse portfolio. One of the things to be aware of with this platform is that you are required to commit to a minimum £25 a month investment amount, however this is a great way to slowly feed your money into the stock market and build your pot whilst minimising your risk.

Whilst Interactive Investor’s range of investment options makes them a perfect choice for people looking to build their own portfolio, newbies needn’t be deterred as they also have three ‘Quick Start Funds’ on offer that provide ready-made global portfolios that include three passively managed funds from Vanguard and three actively managed funds from BMO.

Why we like this app

The Interactive Investor app was voted ‘Best Mobile Share Dealing’ by readers in the Investors Chronicle Awards 2018 and provides investors with a clean and easy user experience. We were impressed with the two-factor authentication providing users with top-level security. Within the app, we were able to trade and deposit money as well as take advantage of features such as watchlists and in-depth market research. It’s definitely designed for more experienced investors, however, novice investors would soon navigate their way around it.

Best Investment App for Low-Cost Investments


Vanguard remain one of the most cost-effective platforms for both ‘set it and leave it’ type investors and passive investors. Vanguard funds are one of the cheapest investment tracker funds on the market when all charges are taken into account. Not least because Vanguard’s platform fee of just 0.15% is less than half the industry average. However, this is only cost-effective for smaller investment amounts. For investors with over £80,000 in their portfolio, it would be best to access Vanguards funds via Interactive Investor who offer a fixed fee of just £9.99 per month.

As a platform that is solely owned by investor funds, it benefits from being managed in a way that prioritises positive outcomes for investors above all else.

Why we like this app

The mobile trading platform at Vanguard is referred to as Vanguard Investors and provides an easy to use vehicle with a modern design. The app utilises Touch ID and Face ID which is a great design feature. The search functions are all that you would expect, with the ability to search by asset name or ticker and there is the function to place order types and order time limits from within the app.

Trading 212 App

Due to unprecedented demand, Trading 212 have taken the decision to pause the opening of new accounts at this time.

We recommend eToro as an alternative.



No thanks! Take me to Trading 212

67% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

Trading 212

The first thing to note is that Trading 212 have temporarily suspended all new accounts due to an unprecedented increase in demand. They are however working to increase their capacity and there is the option to register your interest on their website. If you are looking for an alternative then we would recommend eToro who also provide free trading in stocks and ETFs.

The big drawcard for Trading 212 is their commission-free stock and ETF trading. This freemium model is extremely cost-effective for DIY investors and with over 1,800 instruments to trade, there is enough diversity to create a portfolio that can match your appetite for risk. There is an abundance of charts and news events available for technical traders to utilise when selecting their trades and with a minimum deposit of only £1, this is a great place to start your trading journey.

Why we like this app

Trading 212 have the number one investing app in the UK with around 15m downloads and 200,000 reviews. It provides a vehicle from which to invest in shares, ETFs, CFDs, Gold, and Cryptocurrencies. One of the things we really liked about the Trading 212 app is the virtual platform which gives you £50,000 of virtual money with which to practice trading before you jump in with your own funds. The platform itself is well designed and easy to use for both experienced traders and novice traders. They provide full security measures such as two-step authentication and biometric solutions such as Touch ID. The search functions are everything you would expect and you can locate any asset within seconds. There are also handy push notifications that provide you with price alerts.

Best Investment App for Free Shares


Freetrade will award you with a free share when you open a new account using this link. The value of your free share will be chosen lottery style and will range between £3 and £200 although the odds are higher that you will be awarded a free share at the lower end of that scale. On top of this, you can earn further free shares by referring your friends to Freetrade.

Freetrade offer over 1000 stocks and ETFs from the London Stock Exchange and the New York Stock Exchange as well as commission-free trading when you buy and sell stocks. They have marketed themselves as a platform for millennials with a low minimum investment of just £1. It will cost you £3 to hold your investments in an ISA

Why we like this app

Freetrade have a well designed and innovative app with a streamlined interface that is very user friendly. We especially liked their security measures which included a digital password as well as biometric authentication in the form of Face ID and Touch ID. Freetrade have excelled in their search functions, with the ability to search by asset name or asset class. Trading is effortless within the app with handy insights about your investments and plenty of tools with which to make well-informed decisions.

Best Investment App for Saving


Plum have successfully managed to harness the power of artificial intelligence using complex algorithms to calculate small increments that you can afford to save. Plum achieves this by linking to your bank account and analysing all your income and expenditure before deciding on small amounts that you won’t miss and transferring them into your Plum saving account. Whilst you won’t earn any interest in the Primary savings account, you can then open an Easy Access Plum Basic account for free where your savings will earn 0.25% interest.

Of course, this article is about investment apps and in this area, Plum doesn’t disappoint, with access to a Stocks and Shares ISA as well as an investment account from as little as £1. From here you can select from 10 available funds including the Vanguard Lifestrategy fund range.

What we like about this app

The mobile app really does take ease of use to the next level, with a fresh, clean interface that uses clear graphics with which to navigate through the various functionality. In terms of security, Plum haven’t left anything to chance, so you needn’t worry that the app is linked to your bank account. Setting up your account takes moments and linking to your bank account is fairly automatic. The app will also identify subscriptions that you no longer use and suggest areas such as utilities where you may be overpaying. This can help save you money instantly

Best Impact Investing App


Whilst many investment apps offer impact investing, Tickr is one of the few that concentrate all their efforts into this space, providing environmentally and socially conscious investors with the perfect vehicle to grow their wealth whilst also investing in the future of the planet. Tickr is targeting young investors who are just starting out and achieves this with a lack of financial jargon as well as quick, simple processes that millennials have come to expect from the online arena. To illustrate their success in this market, more than 40% of their database are women with an average age of 31 and a staggering 50 per cent have never invested before.

*Tickr are also offering £5 completely free, into your trading account when you sign up using this link.*

Why we like this app

As you would expect from such an innovative offering, the Tickr app is intuitive, fresh and slick. Every step along the account opening journey is picture led and investors can be up and investing in mere moments. It’s one of the most appealing platforms we have come across and no surprise that it is such a hit with the millennial crowd.

Best Investment App for Small Investments


When you are investing with small amounts, platform fees can quickly eat away at your potential gains and even your original investment amount, leaving you out of pocket. So what could be better than zero platform fees and low minimum investment for investors who are just starting out and only have a limited amount of funds to play with? This is exactly what you get with Wombat, you can start investing with just £10 and as long as your investment account remains under £1,000 it is completely free of all platform fees. You will of course still have the fund provider fee to contend with, however at only 0.07% to 0.70% this represents a tiny amount, especially on smaller investments.

Wombat allow you to tailor your investments around your interests and lifestyle with their 20 themed based portfolios. They also provide access to fractional shares, allowing small investors to own a piece of big brands that they otherwise might not be able to afford.

What we like about this app

After a somewhat shaky start, the Wombat app seems to have ironed out all it’s creases and is now a fully innovative way for small investors to get started. The Times has called it ‘A streamlined and affordable way to millennial investors to dip a toe in the stock market’. We loved its fresh modern look and slick, easy to use interface. It demonstrates an intuitive approach to investing and the auto-invest feature is a great feature for set-it and leave-it type investors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are investment apps worth it?

Investing used to be the privilege of individuals who could afford expensive financial advice, or for people who had significant sums of money to invest with. Investing apps have turned this notion on its head and made investing accessible to all walks of life. Finally, everyone can have the opportunity to grow their wealth, in a safe and friendly environment without the jargon and without the need to spend hours meticulously studying the market or a qualification in personal finance.

How do beginners invest?

If you have very limited knowledge of the market but are keen to grow your wealth, then your best option for investing is to pick a ready-made portfolio that has been expertly created in order to be truly diversified. It’s important not to make the mistake of buying just one stock, as this way you are maximising your risk. You may think a stock like Amazon or Tesla is a safe bet, however, with investing the golden rule is to never put all your eggs in one basket.

Do investment apps really work?

Absolutely, the best investment apps UK, provide access to the stock market straight from your mobile device. Once downloaded and registered, you can navigate the options to access stock trading, an investment portfolio, options trading, ETF trades and even automated investing.

What should I invest £1000 into?

This very much depends on your level of experience and skill. Trading in stocks and ETFs requires careful precision in order to create a diversified portfolio. If you are new to investing then we will always recommend that you select a ready-made portfolio, based on your risk appetite and the past performance of the portfolio. Read our guide on how to invest £1000.

What are robo advisors?

Robo advisors are digital platforms that rely on complex algorithms to select and adjust your portfolio with little to no need for human intervention. This makes them a more cost-effective solution.

How do I choose the best investing apps for me?

There are many things to consider when selecting the best UK investment apps to suit your needs. As an example, you should ask yourself:
1. What are you saving for? Different platforms offer different products which you will need to match your requirements.
2. Will you require research tools? If you plan to manage your own investments then this will be a requirement from the trading app.
3. What is the account minimum? This could be relevant for experimental investors who would like to try the platform before committing large sums of money.