About Us

Founded in 2020, InvestingReviews© is an independent finance comparison review site that was set up to help people make smarter decisions about investing, trading, and saving.

The number of online fintech (financial technology) solutions available to the UK market continues to grow, and we aim to review all the investing, trading, and savings providers to give readers the best insights on which partner is most suitable for their needs.

Get wiser at investing, trading, and saving with InvestingReviews©.

Our Story

Founded in 2020 we realised there was a lack of independent reviews for the self-directed investor to help them pick the best possible investing, trading, and saving platforms to suit their individual needs and set about changing that.

Today, InvestingReviews has reviewed over 200 (and growing) trading and investing platforms and continues to offer comparisons and alternatives to suit every investor’s needs.


InvestingReviews is launched – Founded in 2020 to give independent reviews

  • 2020 Antonia Medlicott joins as the Financial Editor
  • In September 2020, the first trading platform review was published
  • Crypto makes its mark
  • Independent Financial Advisors at HF Wealth join the team
  • Dan Ward joins at the expat financial advisor
  • April 2023 John Choong joins as Senior Equity Research Analyst
  • September 2023 Clare West joins as UK Finance Writer

Our Mission

Our mission is to connect the self-directed investor to the appropriate financial service provider to suit their specific needs.

To make our mission a reality we continue to innovate and introduce new education and informational content to ensure everyone has the knowledge to invest, trade and save for their own individual needs.

Our Values


We provide the most accurate, transparent, and trustworthy reviews through first-hand experience. We spend hours researching and testing all the trading and investing sites to provide the most in-depth reviews, with all the information you need in order to make an informed decision.

We also ensure the safety of our readers is paramount by ensuring all the sites we review are FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) regulated.


In the first instance, we are all about real world experience. We genuinely test and review each platform we review and give a transparent view on what we think, good or bad.


Whilst we aim to review every investing and trading platform available to UK readers, we won’t always recommend them. Our honest reviews will give both pros and cons and who they are suitable for, or not.

What We Do

We present the best features of investment, trading and savings providers by comparing their key features, to allow a quick way to make an informed decision.

As you browse through the InvestingReviews website, you will see that each provider has an in-depth review. All our reviews include information on suitable account types, products available, service fees & charges, how to open an account and how to add or withdraw funds.

Read more about how we review trading, investing and savings providers.

We also rate each area of the provider we review and give an overall rating with comparisons to alternatives.

Why Trust Us

We spend a lot of time researching every provider we review and make sure we use the providers ourselves.

How Do We Offer a Free Service?

In simple terms, we are able to offer free information thanks to the fees we receive from the providers listed on our site who we are affiliated with.

When an investing platform or trading broker is sent traffic directed from InvestingReviews, we may get a small commission. But that doesn’t mean our reviews are biassed in any way.

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