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How to Buy Coinbase Shares UK

In this latest suggestive guide, you can find out more on how to buy Coinbase shares. Some of the steps that new investors might take to buy shares in the UK can vary, but here you can find out some everyday things that you might encounter. The process of buying shares is quite simple, but there are several steps that you may need to take. So you can find some other potentially useful tips and information right here, from finding a trading platform, doing research and selling shares.

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This is only a suggestive guide and does not amount to or constitute investment advice. Please keep in mind that investing, buying, and trading in any company/business, including Coinbase, is inherently risky and will put your capital at risk. Nothing is guaranteed.

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How to buy shares in Coinbase (COIN)

  1. Choose a trading platform. If you’re unsure which one to choose, see my guide to the best trading platforms UK.
  2. Open an account. You will need your national insurance number, personal ID and bank details.
  3. Enter payment details. Fund your new trading account via a debit card or bank transfer.
  4. Search for the stock code on your trading platform. Search for “COIN”.
  5. Research Coinbase shares information. Your trading platform can show you the latest information for Coinbase.
  6. Now buy your Coinbase shares. Go ahead if you’re happy to buy Coinbase shares.

Coinbase (COIN) Live share price

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Best platforms to buy shares

76% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

A 6 Step Suggestive Guide on How to Buy Coinbase Shares UK

Below you can find a suggestive step-by-step guide on some of the most common steps one might take to buy Coinbase shares. This is a simple and suggestive guide and by no means comprehensive.

Step One: Finding the Best Trading Platform

One of the first steps that you are likely going to need to take to start the process of buying Coinbase stock is to find the best trading platform for you and your individual needs. With so many different platforms to choose from, it can be a real challenge to know which one is going to suit you best.

To get access to buy and sell shares, you will need to look through some trading platforms and brokerages. Most are available as a desktop service, mobile app, or online broker.

That is why it can be beneficial to set aside some time to consider your options and take a look at what is on offer. Only some platforms and online brokers are going to offer the same experiences, and some could be better than others. You may find it helpful to browse through some of the most recent reviews from other users to get an idea of what your experience could be like if you decide to choose that particular platform or brokerage.

Overall, it really comes down to personal choice. But it is wise to select not only a reputable platform or brokerage but also a provider that is fully authorised and regulated by an official financial authority. This could be the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK.

Step Two: Setting Up a New Trading Account

Another step that you might need to take is to set up a new trading account. Just like with trading platforms, there are a lot of account providers out there to choose from.

This is another instance where you should thoroughly vet the service provider and ensure they are legitimate.

Creating a new account is relatively straightforward. The service provider is likely going to need some personal information to get things started. This can include a full name, address, National Insurance Number, and bank details.

Due to the sensitive nature of opening a new account, it is likely that a service provider will ask to verify your identity before the account is activated and useable. This can normally be done by providing some form of official identification, such as a passport or driver’s license.

Step Three: Deposit Funds to Buy Coinbase Stock

In order to get around to buying shares in Coinbase, then you will need to figure out how you are going to fund your purchases. It can be useful to work out what is affordable and what your limits are and compare that information with the current Coinbase share price.

Then, if you are comfortable, you should proceed with depositing funds to make a share purchase. This can normally be achieved through a number of different payment options.

The options can vary depending on the service provider. Some of the most common payment methods to transfer funds can include debit card and credit card payments, as well as a direct bank transfer. Some service providers may offer additional options, including eWallets such as PayPal, Neteller, and Skrill.

Be aware that some service providers may set a minimum deposit amount. Some may charge a deposit fee and/or a withdrawal fee. Be sure to check with the provider directly before you decide to deposit funds.

Step Four: Search for Coinbase Global Inc Stock Market Code on Trading Platform

If you have decided to take into account the previous suggestive steps, then now might be the time for you to start thinking about looking into the company you want to invest in or buy shares in on the stock market. This can be done by inputting the stock market code on your chosen trading platform.

Each platform will typically have a search bar function to make things quick and easy for users to find exactly what they are looking for. Things are made even easier with the unique ‘ticker’ code.

Coinbase is traded on the Nasdaq Exchange. According to the Nasdaq Exchange, the Coinbase ticker code is ‘COIN’.

The unique ticker code can be used to search for information on the current Coinbase share price, current market information, and even options to buy and sell shares.

Step Five: Conducting Your Own Extensive Research into Coinbase Global Inc and Stock

This step is perhaps one of the most important steps that you might want to take during the process of buying Coinbase stock. It is to conduct extensive research into the Coinbase company, the shares/stock offered by the company, and the current state of the market and industry.

There are a lot of pieces of information to compile when you conduct research. It may take you quite a bit of time to do, but it can be very helpful in working out whether it is worth buying shares in Coinbase or to invest in Coinbase.

When doing research into a company and a new investment opportunity, it can be useful to think about whether now is the best time to buy, trade or invest in Coinbase. By doing research it can help you find an answer to this question, and you can come to a more informed decision.

Share/stock prices are always likely to change and fluctuate. This can even happen during a single trading day. This means it can be incredibly difficult to know what the future holds and what it can mean for your personal finances. Remember, trading, investing and buying shares is very risky and will put your capital at risk.

When starting your research, you may find it helpful to begin with, the basics and work your way up towards more complex pieces of information. Overall, there can be quite a lot of information to get through, so it can take a bit of time.

It may be beneficial to compile as much information as possible about Coinbase before you decide to make any firm financial commitments. Research will not only help you get a better handling and understanding of the company and the market but also what an opportunity can mean for you personally.

Some pieces of information that you might want to consider finding out may include the company’s past performance, their current and ongoing business model, the current and previous Coinbase stock price, the current trading volume, whether there are any trading fees or transaction fees, whether the company has listed their profit and loss statements, market capitalisation, and the ongoing situation in the financial markets.

This is only a taste of what you might look into. If you are in doubt or confused, then it is useful to seek independent advice from a professional consultant in the field. For a fee, they can give you a better idea about the prospects of buying, trading or investing in Coinbase, as well as what the market is looking like.

Step Six: Getting Prepared to Buy Coinbase Shares

If you have decided to consider the previous steps, then you can start thinking about getting prepared to buy Coinbase shares.

There are still a lot of important things to think about before you buy Coinbase stock. Buying, trading and/or investing in an American company like Coinbase may incur additional fees and may be subject to tax. It is also worth thinking about your investment objectives and your current financial situation.

Buying, investing, and trading shares is very risky and will put your capital at significant risk. Nothing is guaranteed.

A Brief Overview of Coinbase Global Inc

Coinbase Global Inc was founded and set up by Brian Armstrong and Fred Ehrsam in 2012. The company started in San Francisco, in the state of California, in the United States of America.

Coinbase is a cryptocurrency exchange platform. The platform allows its users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. The platform also allows users to transfer and store their cryptocurrency. The platform offers access to the cryptocurrency market.

At the moment, Coinbase does not have a headquarters as it operates on a purely remote basis, meaning all employees work remotely. The current Chairman and CEO of Coinbase is Brian Armstrong. The current COO and President of the company is Emilie Choi. The current CFO is Alesia Haas.

Coinbase first went public in 2021 and has a direct listing on the Nasdaq Exchange. According to the Nasdaq Exchange, the unique ticker code for Coinbase is ‘COIN’. Coinbase is also a component of the Russell 1000 Index.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Coinbase Stock

Here are several factors that you should think about before buying Coinbase stock. This is only a small example, and there could be a lot more things to consider.

Research Coinbase Global and Coinbase Shares

As I have already highlighted, doing research into a company such as Coinbase before making any financial commitments can prove to be very important. You might find it helpful to conduct research up to a point where you can feel comfortable about making a decision on what to do.

Conducting research can help you make a more informed decision about whether buying, trading or investing in Coinbase is a good move for you on a personal level. It can be useful to browse through the information and reach an ultimate conclusion.

There can be quite a lot of different things to take into account when doing research. Research can include how the company is performing and comparing it with their previous performance, the Coinbase stock price, their lowest and highest recorded profits, and whether it is a profitable company, and to compare the company with other companies operating in the same industry.

Some people might find it helpful to look at forecasts from other traders and professionals. This can give new traders and investors a general idea of what others think of where the market could go. Of course, forecasts can vary, and they are strictly speculative and are not guarantees.

In some cases, it might be worth seeking out personal advice from a professional consultant. They could give you a better understanding of the opportunity and whether it is suitable for you.

Think About your Existing Investment Portfolio

Another factor to take into consideration is to think carefully about how a new opportunity could impact your existing investment portfolio. If you already have a portfolio of other investments, then it can be useful to work out how a new investment or share purchase could affect those investments in the short-term and long-term.

With share prices and the market being so changeable and likely to fluctuate, it can be difficult to know whether a new investment or share purchase could have positive or negative impacts on your portfolio. In some cases, you might find it helpful to seek independent advice from a professional consultant. They can give you a better idea of whether an opportunity could have positive or negative impacts tailored to your portfolio of existing investments.

And, if you do not yet have a portfolio of investments, then you should think very carefully about what it means to own and manage one. Portfolios can take up a lot of time and a lot of dedication and commitment to manage properly.

Consider your Personal Finances and Investment Goals

Another factor that you should consider is to think about your personal finances and your investment goals. What exactly do you want to get out of an investment or share purchase? And what can you afford to do?

It can be useful to make a note of your goals and what you hope to achieve. Is your investment strategy going to be long-term or short-term?

Try to be very considerate of your personal finances and your current financial situation. Be aware that your capital will be at significant risk if you decide to buy shares, trade and/or invest in a company’s stock. Try to be reasonable and realistic and come to terms with your limits. Be considerate of your other, more important financial commitments.

Buying Coinbase Stock

In order to start the process of buying Coinbase stock, there can be several different steps that you might need to do first.

Finding the Right Trading Platform

This one might seem obvious, but finding the best trading platform for your personal needs can sometimes be challenging. With so many different platforms and brokerages to choose from, locating the one that is best for you can take some time, but it can be worthwhile.

To begin with, it might be worth searching for the most popular platforms and brokerages available. You can also check out the latest reviews from other users to see how they experience the platform and online brokers.

Each service provider is going to offer their users very different experiences. At the end of the day, it might be best to settle on a platform or brokerage that suits your individual needs and what you would personally expect from the service. Only you can decide on what features make you happy.

A key thing to bear in mind is to find a trading platform or brokerage that is completely authorised and regulated by an official financial body such as the Financial Conduct Authority.

Another factor to take into consideration is trading fees. Fees can apply to a variety of things when it comes to platforms and brokerages. Some may charge deposit fees and/or withdrawal fees. Some may even have an inactivity fee applied to idle accounts.

A lot of platforms are now starting to offer their customers the chance to trade with zero commission, such as eToro. Be aware that not all platforms will offer this, and those that do may charge fees elsewhere. Brokerages may charge commission as they offer different experiences to trading platforms, but not all brokers are the same.

Registering for a New Account

If you are brand new to this, then you will likely need to register for and set up a new account for your investments and purchases. Just like with trading platforms, there are a lot of different account providers available, and they are quite common.

Account providers will typically ask their new customers to provide some personal details to get things started. This can include a full name, address, National Insurance Number, and bank details. New accounts may also need to be verified before they are activated. This can typically be done by supplying the provider with a form of official identification to verify your identity, such as a passport or driver’s license.

There are also a number of different accounts available. The ones that are available to you may depend on which provider you choose and/or your personal situation. The accounts can range from retail investor accounts share dealing accounts, and ISAs.

Each account has its positives and negatives. Check the full terms and conditions with your chosen provider before signing up. There is a high chance that retail investor accounts lose money, and any accounts can lose money when trading, buying or investing in shares/stocks.

Selling Coinbase Shares

Eventually, after buying Coinbase shares, you may want to start looking at selling those shares. Shareowners may want to sell their shares in a company for a number of reasons. Some of the most common reasons can include selling to make a profit or to minimise losses.

Just like when it comes down to buying the shares, selling shares can take just as much preparation, experience and knowledge to get right. Even some of the most experienced traders and shareowners can get things wrong from time to time when it comes to selling their shares.

No one can truly know what the market is going to do, where it is going, or what the share price could do. The market and share price is always subject to change.

But selling shares could be an eventuality. To sell shares, you can do it directly through the trading platform. Simply navigate to the ‘sell’ tab, if there is one, and then input the number of shares you want to sell. Bear in mind in that you can only sell full shares if you completely own the underlying asset, and you can only sell up to the total number of shares you own. Remember that selling shares can also be highly risky.

Does Coinbase Pay Dividends?

It is reported that Coinbase is not expected to make dividend payments to their shareholders any time soon.

Dividend payments are controlled by the company and the board of directors. Dividend payments may be made to shareholders if the company in question decides to release their profits to them. Coinbase does not seem to be in a position to offer dividends to their shareholders.

Derivative Trading

Derivative Trading essentially creates a contract between parties. The basis of the contract is on an underlying asset.

Traders then speculate on the movement of the price of that underlying asset. When trading derivatives, the trader never actually takes ownership of the underlying asset.

Only some trading platforms will offer derivative trading to their users. And please be aware that trading derivatives is incredibly risky and will not be suitable for all traders/investors.

Trading CFDs

Contracts for Difference, more commonly referred to as CFDs, is a form of derivative. CFDs are extremely complex, and there is a lot of risk with CFD trading.

When trading CFDs, a trader will not actually take ownership of the underlying asset. The trader will instead make speculations about whether the price of the asset is going to increase or decrease. The outcome of that speculation will determine whether they make a profit or if they incur heavy losses, which is a very real possibility.

Spread Betting

Spread betting is another form of derivative trading and is very similar to trading CFDs. Spread betting requires traders to speculate on whether the price of the asset is going to go down or go up.

Spread betting is also highly risky and are complex financial instruments. The trader will never take ownership of the underlying asset when they choose spread betting.

FAQs About Buying Coinbase Stock

Is Coinbase Global a Publicly Traded Company?

Yes, Coinbase is a publicly traded company since 2021. It is traded on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange.

Is Coinbase Available on eToro?

Yes, Coinbase is available to users on eToro.

Please note

The value of your investments (and any income from them) can go down as well as up and you may not get back the full amount you invested. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Investments should be considered over the longer term and should fit in with your overall attitude to risk and financial circumstances.

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