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How to Buy Experian Shares UK

Buying Experian Shares and stocks is quick and straightforward. If you want to buy Experian Plc shares, this detailed guide has everything you need to know. In this guide, I’ll show you how to buy Experian shares UK in six steps.

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This’s just a suggestive Experian stock guide and doesn’t amount to or constitute investment advice. Buying, trading, and investing in Experian stock comes with a lot of risks, and nothing is assured.

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How to buy shares in Experian (EXPN)

  1. Choose a trading platform. If you’re unsure which one to choose, see my guide to the best trading platforms UK.
  2. Open an account. You will need your national insurance number, personal ID and bank details.
  3. Enter payment details. Fund your new trading account via a debit card or bank transfer.
  4. Search for the stock code on your trading platform. Search for “EXPN”.
  5. Research Experian shares information. Your trading platform can show you the latest information for Experian.
  6. Now buy your Experian shares. Go ahead if you’re happy to buy Experian shares.

Experian (EXPN) Live share price

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How to Buy Experian Shares: A Step-by-Step Guide

If you are looking to buy Experian shares UK, look no further. The following six simple and quick steps will show you how to buy Experian shares UK with one of the leading Financial Conduct Authority-regulated trading platforms. The good news is that you’ll not pay a penny when it comes to fees or commissions.

Step 1: Find and Pick the Best Trading Platform

The first and most important task you need to accomplish is to find a top online stock broker platform that will allow you to buy or sell Experian stocks in the UK. When you’re looking for a stockbroker, it is vital to consider various things such as fees, commissions, security, regulation, and access to the London Stock Exchange.

If you decide to do your own research, you’ll need to keep all these things in mind. On the other hand, you can decide to choose from the recommended list of trading platforms that experts provide. Before picking your favourite broker, you can also seek personal advice from professionals prior to making your final decision.

Through personal advice, you can be able to pick a stock broker that meets all of your unique needs and requirements. Experts have been in the Experian stocks trade for many years, and as a result, they can easily differentiate between top stock broker platforms and sites that are designed to take advantage of new investors.

Only start the registration process if you are sure that your online stock broker platform offers everything you need. To be 100% sure, you should choose one of the platforms on the recommended list. And you should remember that if you seek personal advice, you will have to pay a fee, which varies from expert to expert.

Step 2: Open an Account with Your Trading Platform of Choice

Once you have found a top stock broker that will allow you to access the best stock exchanges, including the London Stock Exchange, you will need to open an account. To do so, access the homepage of your stock broker and press the ‘Join Now’ button. Choose your password and username on the next page and provide an email address.

You’ll also need to provide bank and contact details, as well as your name. Aside from the official website of your stock broker, you can open an account using a mobile app. All top brokers have the best investment apps that allow you to access London Stock Exchange and many other platforms that offer Experian shares.

Step 3: Confirm Your Bank Details and Make the First Deposit

As a result of all top trading sites being regulated by the FSCS and FCA, new investors must verify their accounts to make sure they trade securely and safely. The best part is that the verification process is purely online and only requires a few minutes to complete.

Simply provide a copy of your passport or driver’s license and the latest utility bill or bank statement. Your trading site will then verify your documents and allow you to proceed to the next step, where you will need to make a minimum deposit.

All trading websites require you to make a first deposit, which varies from one platform to another. In most cases, the first deposit will always be higher than subsequent deposits. Many platforms allow new as well as existing users to make free deposits through different methods of banking, which include Bank Transfer, Trustly, Skrill, PayPal, Credit Card, and Neteller, to mention some of them.

Step 4: Search for Experian Stock Code on Your Trading Platform

Once your deposit is successful, click the search field and enter Experian. Alternatively, you can type EXPN, the Experian stock ticker code. When the results show up, press the ‘Trade’ button. You can use the search field anytime you want to know the current stock price and market value of Experian shares, among other vital things.

Step 5: Research Experian Shares

It’s important to research the company’s stock and past performance in detail to know whether the Experian stock represents an excellent investment opportunity or not. Taking into consideration things such as historical share price and the dividend yield is vital since they provide an indication of a stock’s fundamental value and allow you to decide whether buying Experian Plc shares is the right thing or not.

In the sections below, I will discuss all the things that you need to be aware of when you’re researching.

Experian Share Price

When you’re researching, it is crucial to look at the latest Experian share price and its position in the past few months, weeks and days. At the time of creating this guide, the Experian share price was approximately 2,650p, representing a decrease of about 6.65% from the start of the year.

In November 2020, during the second lockdown in the United Kingdom, the company’s stock price reached its all-time high, achieving a market value of approximately 3193p a share. Since then, the Experian share price has decreased, although the business model and fundamentals of the company are still strong.

As a result, the Experian stock is more of a pullback than a permanent investment. According to experts that offer personal advice, the weekly Experian stock price chart is still showing lower highs and higher highs, indicating an overall bullish momentum.

Experian Dividends

If you are investing for income, purchasing Experian shares is undoubtedly an excellent option to take into consideration. Experian offers semi-annual dividend payments divided into two. The company makes the first dividend payment in January or February, while the second comes in July.

When you look at historical dividend data, you will discover that Experian is one of the companies that pay dividends in a reliable and consistent manner. The company is dedicated to growing its dividend yield as well as payout each year. In fact, the company’s revenue and dividend yield have grown each year in terms of value.

If you buy Experian stock today in the UK, you will be able to benefit from the next dividend yield. You must be able to buy Experian stock before the ex-dividend date in order to get the next dividend payment. If you are looking for shares with the best stock value and those that show steady payout growth, Experian Company fits the bill perfectly.

Step 6: Now Buy Experian Stock

After taking into account the marketing data and other crucial metrics, and you feel that Experian shares are worth your time and funds, complete the purchase process. Make sure the funds are available in your trading account before you can click the ‘Open Trade’ button. After a few minutes, your shares should reflect in your account. Many brokerage sites do not have trading hours limits, meaning you can buy Experian shares anytime you want.

Experian Company: A Short History

Experian is an Irish-American multinational consumer credit reporting firm. The company collects and aggregates data on more than one billion individuals and businesses across Europe and the USA.

Operating in more than 35 states with offices in the United Kingdom, United States and Brazil, the company is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. The company currently employs about 17,000 individuals and has a revenue of more than £5.18 billion.

Experian, a company registered by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK, is listed on the London Stock Exchange, and it’s an FTSE 100 Index constituent. The company is a partner in USPS and is among the top three credit-reporting firms, alongside Equifax and TransUnion.

Aside from its credit services, the company also sells decision analytics and marketing assistance to companies, including fingerprinting. Experian’s services include online access to credit products designed to protect consumer information from identity theft and fraud. Similar to other credit reporting agencies in Europe and the USA, the company provides users with a free credit report each year.

Experian also provides businesses with marketing services to help increase client loyalty via valuable data. The marketing services help companies to understand their clients, pick more effective services and products and enhance communication channels. Experian mainly deals with credit reporting.

The company determines an individual’s credit score and then provides this crucial information to companies granting credit so that they can make a decision whether to give credit or not. These services are significantly valuable, as they help lending companies to make decisions that can lead to default from the borrowers, thus losing their funds.


Experian has its roots in CDC, Credit Data Corporation, a firm that was acquired in 1968 by TRW Inc. After the acquisition, its name was changed to TRW Information Systems and Services. In 1996, TRW Information Systems and Services sold the unit to Thomas H. Lee Partners and Bain Capital as Experian.

A month later, these companies sold Experian to Great Universal Stores Ltd, a firm located in Manchester, England. The Great Universal Stores Ltd, a retail firm with millions of clients paying for goods and services on credit, was later renamed GUS. The firm merged its CCN, a credit-information business, which was the largest company in the United Kingdom.

Experian was separated from Gus in October 2006 and listed on the London Stock Exchange. On 14th April 2009, the company shut down its operations in Canada, and after being fined by the United States Financial Protection Bureau in March 2017, Experian acquired Clarity Services, one of the leading credit bureaus specialising in alternative user data.

What to Consider Before You Can Buy Experian Shares

Up to this moment, you know how to buy Experian Shares and the company’s history. Before you can log in to your trading account, make a minimum deposit and buy Experian shares, you need to learn about some of the things to consider before you can buy shares. These things are:


There are thousands of online brokers in the stock market that claim to offer the best services when it comes to investing in Experian shares. While the massive number of brokers makes it challenging to pick the right platform, it increases competition in the shares market. Intense competition between brokers offers some benefits that investors can take advantage of. And reduced charges are one of these benefits.

All brokers want to attract as many customers as possible, and due to this, investors are able to find platforms that offer zero fees and commissions. Before you can buy Experian shares, be sure to check all commissions and other fees that your broker requires you to pay. The most common types of fees associated with Experian stock online brokers include:

Stamp Duty

Stamp duty is an old tax that was introduced in the United Kingdom in 1694. However, its origins can be traced back to the sixth century. Many people are familiar with paying stamp duty tax when they purchase a house. But investors also pay this tax when they buy Experian UK shares, although the percentage charged is lower than it’s for houses.

This fee is charged on purchases of UK shares when you buy EXPN stocks that already exist in a United Kingdom-incorporated firm. You’ll also pay this type of fee if you purchase shares in a foreign firm that maintains a stock register in the United Kingdom. If you buy Experian UK shares via an online broker, you should be sure to include this fee in your cost.

There isn’t a stamp duty fee to pay when you sell Experian shares. But if you hold Experian shares outside of a tax-covered wrapper such as SIPP or ISA, there may be another tax type known as capital gains tax. Investors pay capital gains tax on any profits they make. It is vital to keep all contract notes supplied by your brokerage site so that you have disposal costs and records of purchases for your tax return.

Inactivity Fees

Some online brokers charge a small amount of money if a given account is inactive for a certain period. An inactivity fee is intended to discourage individuals from keeping funds in brokerage accounts without using them.

Account Maintenance Fees

A wide range of brokers charges either a monthly or yearly fee to maintain a brokerage account. An account maintenance fee covers all the costs of keeping a brokerage account open, including providing customer care services and offering advice and research.

Payment Processing Charges

Top online brokers that experts recommend don’t charge their respective customers when they make deposits. However, some brokerage websites charge withdrawal fees. Suppose you want to avoid paying both deposit and withdrawal fees. In that case, you should check your brokerage site before completing the account creation process to ensure deposits and withdrawals don’t attract any charges.

FX Conversion

Active brokerage accounts require investors to use certain currencies when depositing funds through bank transfer or any other payment method. If the funds you deposit are in a different currency, you will need to pay a fee known as FX conversion.

Trade Commissions

Also known as a stock trading fee, a trade commission is a fee charged when investors buy or sell Experian stock. Also, you can pay trade commissions for buying and selling ordinary shares and other investments like exchange-traded funds.

Advisory or Management Fees

Typically a certain percentage of assets under management, an advisory fee is paid by an investor to an expert that offers independent advice.

Levels of Debt

You need to research and find out as much information as possible about Experian’s levels of debt before you can buy Experian Plc stock. Ensure that the debt level of Experian is less compared to the market capitalisation of the current circulating shares.

The EBITDA ratio is also an important thing to consider. Make sure that the EBITDA ratio is above or at the 3x-mark. Investors take action when this ratio exceeds the 3x-mark.


Take into account all the struggles and gains in Experian’s sales department. The sales department of this company has noted a significant increase in worldwide sales. In the coming few years, investors should expect an increase in net income as the company expands its customer base. When you are researching about Experian revenues, you should focus on future results.

Other Investments

It is also essential to consider other investments. Think about all investments that you have and decide if adding Experian stock will be helpful. Will you increase your profits when you add Experian stock to your list of investments? If your answer is positive, then you should go ahead and buy Experian Plc stocks.

How to Buy and Sell Experian Stock

You can buy and sell Experian stocks directly via a brokerage account. It is also possible to buy Experian Plc shares through one of the investment apps available. Both brokerage accounts and investment apps allow you to purchase, trade and keep Experian stocks from the comfort of your smartphone or home.

The main differences between brokers in the stock market are the resources, fees and features. A massive array of Experian Plc stock trading sites offer zero transaction fees and commissions. Be sure to buy Experian stocks with a company registered and controlled by the Financial Conduct Authority and any other top organisation.

You should also spend a significant amount of time conducting qualitative research that involves Experian management, competition and how it makes cash. You should also conduct quantitative research that includes analysing the company’s revenue, net income and earnings.

How to Buy Shares in Experian

The process of purchasing shares in Experian is a straightforward one. You only need to go through the following steps:

·Access your brokerage account after going through the six steps provided in this guide

·Pick Experian after searching the company in the search bar

·Enter the position size or price of your deal

·Choose the amount of Experian shares that you want to purchase and press Buy

·Confirm your purchase

Once you confirm your trade, the shares will reflect in your brokerage account. From your brokerage account, you can view all account activities and history.

How to Find the Best Brokerage Site

Advancing technology has resulted in an influx of online brokerage sites over the past few decades. That means identifying a brokerage site that suits your unique needs and requirements mightn’t always be a stress-free task. If you are a new investor, you need to know how to pick the best online broker that offers Experian ordinary shares in the UK.

Types of Accounts

The type of account you create will primarily depend on your preferences in terms of investing or trading. Take into account whether you want to purchase and hold ordinary shares and earn dividends or if you want to have exposure to stocks over a short period.

A trading account like spread betting would be a perfect match for an investor who wants to speculate on falling and rising prices. On the other hand, an investment account is ideal for someone who is willing to purchase and hold the Experian stocks and make money from dividends.

Assets and Markets to Trade

There’re thousands of assets and markets to trade across the world. These assets and markets include:

  • Forex: Forex involves trading currency pairs values like GBP/CHF and USD/EUR
  • Indices: Indices allow you to get exposure to different stock groups such as the Germany 40 and FTSE 100
  • Shares: Buy or sell individual company stocks such as Experian, Ocado Group and AstraZeneca
  • Initial Public Offerings: Trade on businesses making their first appearance on exchanges across the globe
  • ETFs: Open positions that will expose you to different assets from one trade with ETFs, which are different stock baskets.
  • Bonds: Make money from bond ETF dividends or coupons to mitigate risks by hedging against current government bonds or trade on future changes to benefit from long-term interest rates

Brokerage sites provide you with the opportunity to access more than 17,000 markets and assets, including ETFs, forex, shares, commodities and indices. It is vital to use some of the top-rated risk management tools available, irrespective of your risk appetite, the market you pick and your style of trading.

The Spread

In the world of trading, the spread represents the difference between the offer (ask) and sell (bid) prices of a given asset. The bid-offer spread is important in determining the derivatives price, such as trading CFDs and spread bets.

As an investor, you can utilise the bid-offer spread to measure the supply and demand of an asset in the stock market. You can identify a tighter market via bid and offer prices that are close to each other, which means both sellers and buyers have a consensus on the stock value.

A wider spread shows a difference in opinion by traders on the stock value. Most brokers will use a spread when quoting the prices of shares, meaning the buy prices will always be higher compared to the underlying stock market, and the sell rates will be slightly lower.

Commission Rates

You will have to pay a commission when it comes to share dealing. But you can enjoy commission rates of as low as £0 on all UK shares. In the case of trading CFDs, there is always a commission payable that’s a direct charge you will need to pay on your brokerage platform.

Commission rates will significantly affect the costs when you are trading leveraged products. Spread betting, on the other hand, is always commission-free; however, you must pay a spread, meaning the prices on brokerage platforms will always be, to some extent, different to the underlying stock market.

Trading Costs

There’re costs you need to know when trading with a broker. While creating an account is always free of charge, different charges are involved when opening and closing positions. Overnight funding, commissions and spreads are some of the most common charges you can expect.

The charges you pay primarily depend on the trader type you’re using. For instance, as a day trader, you’ll not pay overnight funding if you open and close your positions in one trading day. Margin slippage is one of the main factors that can affect your trade’s cost.

Trading Hours

Dealing hours will always determine your online broker choice. The best online broker offers extended dealing hours, providing you with longer access to a wide range of markets. There are many 24/5 and 24/7 online broker sites that offer indices, forex and shares.

When you pick a broker from the recommended list, you can be sure to trade out of hours on many markets than other trading providers. On a normal trading day, you can be able to trade 24 hours and between 8 am and 10 pm UK time during the weekends.

Educational Materials

Finding a brokerage website that offers lots of learning resources and training materials can help you enjoy your entire trading expedition. Learning and knowing as much as possible is important before opening any position.

IG Academy is one of the platforms that can help you improve your trading skills and knowledge. This platform features different courses that allow you to learn free and, more importantly, at your own pace. After learning, you can utilise your new skills by opening a demo trading account.

Customer Support

You not only need to pick an online broker that offers an excellent platform, but you also want to get help when you have any concerns or questions. Will the online broker provide responses to your queries within the shortest possible time? It is important to consider the communication lines available when you are looking for a brokerage website.

If you are a newbie, you should try to contact the customer support team of the platform in question to know how friendly and professional it is. Take into account the time it takes to receive a response.

A top-rated trading site will offer a response within a few minutes or 24 hours in the worst-case scenario. Ensure that you can reach the customer support team through email, phone call or any social media platform that you prefer.

Are Experian Plc Shares Overvalued or Undervalued?

Valuing Experian Plc stock isn’t easy. You need to view any metric as part of the larger picture of the firm’s whole performance. With that in mind, here are the most important metrics that industry experts and analysts use to gauge the value of Experian Plc shares.

P/E Ratio

If you take Experian’s current share prices and divide them by per-share earnings over a one-year period, you will find a P/E ratio. At the time of writing this guide, the earnings ratio or trailing price was about 25x. This means Experian Plc shares trade at approximately 25x the latest earnings.

This P/E ratio is relatively higher, meaning investors are optimistic about the positive outlook for Experian Plc shares. A higher ratio indicates that shares are overvalued, and that is the case with the EXPN stock.

Hover, Experian Plc’s P/E ratio is best measured in relation to other companies in the same industry.

PEG Ratio

Shortened as PEG, the price/earnings-to-growth ratio is obtained by dividing Experian’s P/E ratio by its growth. When creating this guide, Experian’s PEG ratio was 1.811. Any PEG ratio that is more than 1.0 indicates that the shares are overvalued at the latest stock trade growth.

Compared to the P/E ratio, the PEG ratio provides a wider view since it provides more insight into Experian Plc’s future profitability. It also helps you to compare the stock prices of different high-growth firms, thanks to its ability to account for growth.

It makes sense to consider the PEG ratio of Experian about those of firms that offer the same services.


Experian’s EBITDA is approximately £1.8 billion. The earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortisation is the overall financial performance of Experian and is mainly used to measure the company’s profitability. Similar to the PEG ratio and P/E ratio, it is sensible to compare Experian’s EBITDA against that of similar companies.

Is Experian Worthless?

If Experian shares are considered too low in terms of value, then it means that they could be overvalued. The per-share earnings represent the difference between outstanding shares and the net profit. Therefore, if the P/E ratio is better, the stock is overvalued.

A lower ratio suggests that the stocks are undervalued. If you want to have a successful investment journey, you should take into account the current P/E ratio of Experian. The Experian stock might be worthless since its prices aren’t consistent with the dividend forecasts or the earnings of the company.

Does Experian Fit into Your Portfolio?

If you want to buy shares, you need to determine the amount of money you are ready to invest. Increasing the amount of Experian shares risks your capital in the event the sell prices drop, as has been the case in the past few years. To be on the safe side, you should try to diversify your investments into different equity classes.

You should consult an expert for independent advice before you can make any huge investment. Be sure to invest your hard-earned cash in an excellently-diversified investment portfolio, which includes the likes of bonds, stocks and many other alternatives for investors who are new in the industry.

Is Experian Stock Worth Buying and Selling?

You need to know the position of Experian in the current market before you can start to buy or sell shares. According to industry experts, Experian stocks have a positive outlook for this year and beyond, regardless of its business model as well as the latest price chart position.

Experian shares remain very attractive in the current economy, meaning their future results will always have positive impacts on the future earnings of stocks. The company has been growing quickly in Northern Cross, Latin America, and many other parts of the USA and Europe, which means its shares are worth buying and selling.

Is Experian A Buy or Sell Company?

You need to know the number of shares the company sells or buys in exchange for a trade. You should only buy Experian shares once you conduct logical research. Logical research will help you know if the share prices will increase in the long term or short term. If you want to purchase shares and keep them, you should depend on the decision you make after conducting your logical research.

How Can I Buy Experian Shares?

With the right EXPN trading website, your market order will be executed within a shorter time for the latest market price. Choosing the amount of Experian shares to buy will primarily depend on your current financial situation.

Experian Traditional Share Dealing vs Trading CFDs

Trading CFDs is quite similar to stock trading, apart from when you exchange a CFD you don’t own. If you purchase Experian shares on a stock broker platform, you own a share of the company. When you trade a CFD, it means that you have an agreement with your broker, and you’re speculating that share prices will either drop or increase.

If you invest in Experian shares with an online broker, you can only lose the money you deposited into your account since you pay the entire cost of your position to the broker upfront. Trading CFDs allows you to benefit from both the rise and fall in the stock price.

With Experian traditional share dealing, you can only benefit from the increase in the price of the stock. You can trade traditional stocks as well as CFDs with all top-rated trading sites in the UK.

Experian Financials

Established in 2006, the company has a fifty-two-week low price of about 2242 and a fifty-two-week high price of approximately 3689. The company has a market cap of around 2 147, 483, 650 and a trading volume of roughly 1 593, 360. Experian has around 920, 989, 830 shares on the London Stock Exchange and has an EPS of about 1.08 and a P/E ratio of approximately 24.35.

Keep in mind that these figures are subject to change depending on the Experian shares’ trade prices. If the price of Experian shares continues to rise, the stock trading volume will also increase, and vice versa. Experian shares trading volume can help you to determine the strength of the shares price momentum.

Experian Stock Price vs Stock Value

There’s a vast difference between Experian stock price and value. The stock price only indicates the firm’s current value or its value in the market. In simple terms, this price represents the amount of money that Experian stocks trade at. It is also known as the price that both the seller and buyer of the shares agree upon. The value of Experian stock is the actual Experian shares worth in pounds.

To help you understand better, Experian shares price is what investors pay via Bank Transfer or any other banking option for the stocks they acquire, and Experian value is what the firm gives you in the form of services or goods. While Experian price tends to be important for traders, Experian value matters more for investors who want to buy and sell shares.

What Amount of Experian Stocks Should I Have?

While there isn’t a set amount of Experian shares that an investor can own, there’re a few rules to adhere to. The general guideline is to try as much as possible to obtain sufficient diversification in your current portfolio to help you protect yourself from any losses while at the same time not overstretching your pocket and other investments. Always aim to own stocks that will allow you to achieve all of your goals while not stretching your budget.

When Should I Sell Experian Shares and Stocks?

Knowing the right time to sell your Experian shares and stocks is important. You should buy shares at the current market price and sell them when it increases. You should have a plan tailored to your primary financial goals so that you don’t lose part of your money.

FAQs About Experian Plc Shares

Why are Experian Share Prices Dropping?

The shares have been dropping as a result of changing macroeconomic conditions, such as expectations for monetary stimulus.

How Do I Buy Shares Directly in the UK?

To buy shares directly in the UK, you need to create an account with one of the recommended trading sites. Alternatively, you can buy shares directly from other shareholders.

Please note

The value of your investments (and any income from them) can go down as well as up and you may not get back the full amount you invested. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Investments should be considered over the longer term and should fit in with your overall attitude to risk and financial circumstances.

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