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Impact investment app tickr rebrands to CIRCA5000 with eyes on the future

tickr rebrand

Impact investment platform “tickr” has recently rebranded to CIRCA5000, to reflect their goal of allowing our planet and the people on it to see the year 5000 and beyond.

To achieve this, CIRCA5000 offers you the ability to invest in progressive, positive-impact companies who are committed to the protection and advancement of our planet.

The areas in which they invest benefit the world as a whole and hold universal appeal, including energy, water, food, health, education, and cybersecurity.

CIRCA5000 are a certified B Corporation, meaning that they have met high standards of social and environmental performance and public transparency. As such, CIRCA5000 have proven that they are actively and effectively working towards the change they seek.

CIRCA5000 remains largely the same as tickr before it – what this means for you

Realistically, there isn’t too much to worry about in terms of change to the investor experience. CIRCA5000 already has more than 140,000 users, 90% of who are first-time investors, and still retains the same aims that tickr held previously.

Investors are given the choice of putting their money into the themes of “planet”, “people”, or a mix of the two. Co-founder Tom McGillycuddy says: “Our investments all have the same goal: to help people and our planet thrive in the future.”

Investing with CIRCA5000 means that you are guaranteed to be putting your money towards changing the future, helping both the planet and the people on it thrive.

Everything they do is aimed at the future, but not all of it is 3,000 years away

Not only are their investment goals firmly set in the future, but so are the company’s aspirations.

You now have the option of investing directly into CIRCA5000 themselves, as they have opened a crowdfunding campaign with the aims of accelerating their roadmap, growing their userbase, and expanding across Europe.

They have already received £7 million in funding and have tripled the size of their workforce, bringing in talent from the likes of Monzo, Airbnb, and Trainline.

You can use my link to get £15 when you sign up with CIRCA5000. Plus, thanks to their partnership with the charity One Tree Planted, every referral they receive plants a tree to help combat deforestation.

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