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Space investment trust to list on London Stock Exchange in world first

Space Investment Trust

The Seraphim Space Investment Trust is set to be the world’s first space investment fund to be listed on the London Stock Exchange.

The fund, which focuses on identifying, supporting, and growing early-stage space tech companies, is looking to raise £180 million. To do so, they plan on releasing 180 million shares, each at a standard price of 100p.

This offer is available through many of the leading investment platforms, such as Hargreaves Lansdown and AJ Bell, and gives people the opportunity to invest in space tech for the first time.

Offers are due to close on Friday 9 July, with Seraphim aiming for an annual investment return of more than 20%.

Seraphim claim to be the global leaders in space tech investment. It’s not hard to see why, as they have partners ranging from Amazon Web Services, to Airbus, and even to the UK Space Agency.

The trust will acquire an impressive portfolio of 19 seed assets, some of which are already valued at more than $1 billion.

Only the beginning of Seraphim’s growth

Seraphim aim to help improve the expansion of the space tech industry by targeting early growth companies that have the potential to dominate globally. They have already supported more than 60 space tech start-ups and have raised over $500 million with their investment portfolio.

Seraphim’s managing director, Mark Boggett, believes that this is only the beginning of the company’s market growth. Morgan Stanley predicts that the space industry across the world could generate more than £1 trillion by 2040. The sector currently generates a global revenue of $350 billion.

Although private companies such as Boeing and SpaceX – the firm behind the Dragon 1 reusable spacecraft – have already brought space flight into the public eye, investments into the space tech field are a very new concept. The process may require multiple rounds of funding before reaching maturity.

Seraphim believe that the space tech industry is set to grow by trillions of dollars and describe this offer as a “once in a generation opportunity.”

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