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Nutmeg switches up its style but ensures its goals are the same


Digital wealth manager and robo-investment app Nutmeg has decided to overhaul their visual identity on all of their platforms. Nutmeg assures their users, however, that a new look does not come with new company ideals.

Changes to the logo, user dashboard, colour scheme, and more aim to reflect the growth of Nutmeg as a company since their founding nine years ago. In that time, Nutmeg has offered new products and services, enhanced their mobile experience, and become a household name in investing.

They also aim to reflect the growth and confidence of their user base both up to now, and well into the future. In their press release, Nutmeg hint at new “insights and planning tools” coming soon to help their users more easily manage their wealth.

Nutmeg’s “no nonsense investing” slogan will persist

The aesthetic redesign means little for Nutmeg’s overall aims as a company. They still wish to primarily “bring investing to a wider audience, bring transparency with a great user experience, and help people to reach their financial goals.”

Their message ever since day one has been “no nonsense investing”. The branding update has been introduced with this in mind, keeping the simplicity of their original design while also improving navigation around their app and website.

But the redesign is also being used to bring forward the more human side of Nutmeg and their clients. The images they use on their website going forward will be “real – muddy, chipped, soaked, and never perfect but authentic, optimistic and with aspiration”.

Nutmeg for the beginner investor

Nutmeg currently has more than 150,000 users across the country and appears on my list of the best investment apps in the UK. Ready-made portfolios and plenty of helpful investing advice help to make Nutmeg a very friendly experience for novice investors.

Plus, all new accounts on Nutmeg benefit from 0% portfolio management fees for the first six months, which can significantly help in the early stages of an investor’s journey.

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