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Forget Gift Vouchers This Year And Give a Financial Gift

A quick glance down the high street will reveal all the big names that have gone into the administration due to the pandemic recently, and with new restrictions being put into place over the weekend, more will surely follow. It is little wonder that store gift cards are being viewed with increasing suspicion, as should the store you choose go bust, your gift card will become worthless overnight. Debenhams, Topshop, Dorothy Perkins and Wallis are just some of the names that have failed to survive the pandemic.

Alternatively, a financial gift could pay off for the recipient in years to come giving your loved ones a better, more memorable gift in the long run.

Premium Bonds

Premium Bonds can be purchased for as little as £25, and whilst they are a low earning option, the recipient can withdraw their money at any time. The odds of winning a prize with Premium Bonds has gone down from 24,500 to 34,500 to one, however, they are risk free and purchasing a premium bond can be done online.

Junior ISA

Only a parent or legal guardian can open an ISA for a child, however, if the child in question already has a Junior ISA, then anyone is free to contribute to it. Should you be opening a JISA then it’s worth checking the rates available. Coventry BS are currently offering the best rate on a Junior Cash ISA at 2.95%, however, you may want to explore the possibility of making the cash grow faster with a stocks and shares JISA.


If the recipient has a particular interest in a company then buying shares as a gift may provide a bit more excitement, however, as purchases in shares need to be verified, it is not as simple as it may first appear. The best way would be to buy the shares in your name and then transfer ownership once the gift has been received. There are countless share dealing platforms, and one of our top picks for this would be Interactive Investor who would be able to assist you with the transfer of ownership when the time comes.

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