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New Bitcoin Portfolio Launched at eToro

eToro, the leading social investment platform, have provided retail investors with a diversified way to invest in Bitcoin with the launch of its new BitcoinWorldWide portfolio.

BitcoinWorldWideBitcoin World Wide is a newly launched stocks portfolio which provides exposure to companies that are creating the value chain around the asset. As the world’s largest cryptocurrency gains momentum, eToro have identified mainstream companies that are contributing to recent momentum surrounding Bitcoin.

eToro’s Head of Portfolio Investments, released the following comment:

As it crosses into mainstream awareness, bitcoin is increasingly in the spotlight. New all-time highs might make headlines, but the most significant change surrounding the world’s largest crypto is not its price, but the companies building the value chain around it. From mining operations to chip manufacturers and those delivering services to support usage, payments, exchanges and custody, there’s more to bitcoin than you might think.”

The new BitcoinWorldWide portfolio includes companies in the mining, semiconductor, payments, exchange, custodianship and insurance sectors. One of these companies is Paypal, who in 2020 released plans to support Bitcoin payments, helping to develop the currency into a mainstream position. Bitcoin has experienced rapid growth since its launch into the market in 2009 and the introduction of eToros portfolio can only help to support the Cryptocurrency further. The portfolio also includes chip manufacturer Nvidia, mining hardware producer Canaan, crypto exchange Coinbase and of course Bitcoin itself.

eToro registered over 2.5 new users in January and February of this year, cementing its position as a market leader in social and copy trading. They now boast over 20 million users and offer investment options that include stocks, cryptocurrency, commodities, Forex, CFDs, Indices and ETFs, both from a desktop platform, and from a mobile app. Investors can gain exposure to the new BitcoinWorldWide portfolio with as little as £1,000.

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