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AJ Bell announce impressive growth in both customer base and assets

AJ Bell Impressive Growth

In the year-end trading update published on 21 October, AJ Bell announced that, in the financial year up to 30 September 2021, their customer base increased by 30% to a total of 382,754. Their net inflows also increased by 52%, reaching a total of £6.4 billion.

The company’s total assets under administration (AUA) increased by 29% over the year, reaching a total of £72.8 billion, up from £56.5 billion in the year to September 2020. For comparison, AJ Bell say that the FTSE All-Share Index rose by 24% and the MSCI World Index rose by 27% over the same period.

AJ Bell’s Youinvest platform is responsible for much of their growth, and accounts for more than 96% of their total customers. Advised customers grew by 17% in the year, whereas direct-to-consumer (D2C) customers increased by 40%.

AJ Bell Investments are now responsible for £2.2 billion in assets under management (AUM), an increase of 175% from the previous year.

CEO Andy Bell is happy with the “organic” growth of the business

AJ Bell CEO and co-founder Andy Bell has commented on the performance of his business.

He describes the growth of the company as “organic” and claims that their “award-winning platform propositions” allowed AJ Bell to “capitalise on strong customer demand for long-term investment products.”

Despite retail investing falling back to “normal levels” with the gradual easing of Covid restrictions in the UK, the “key drivers of long-term growth” for AJ Bell remain on the up. Both customer numbers and net inflows have continued their positive trajectory.

Plus, demand for AJ Bell’s investment solutions has also continued to grow across both the advised and D2C markets. Bell mentions that their “managed portfolio service is growing in popularity with advisors” due to their focus on change, choice, and communication.

For the D2C market, their “multi-asset funds continue to prove popular as customers seek low-cost investment solutions that are managed for them in line with their risk profile.”

AJ Bell Youinvest is currently ranked on my list of the best trading platforms in the UK, with over 70 active and passive funds to get you started.

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