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Three Industries With Fantastic Global Prospects For Future Investment

Global Prospects For Future Investment

Crypto has crashed, the housing market bubble looks very close to bursting, and overall, much of the economy seems to be moving towards a recession. The last few years have been hard on the economy and on employees. Changes in how and where we work have made people rethink their careers and what they want out of a job.

With so much in a state of flux, investing in an industry with strong growth potential feels like a way to safeguard your interests and build a financial portfolio that can see you through any difficult times ahead. Investing always carries a risk, but investing in the right industry can have many benefits.

Thanks to the GameStop saga and the rise of meme coins and stocks, investing has become a hotter topic with a wider range of people than it traditionally has been. There are always those looking to exploit rookie investors or people willing to offer impossible returns on your investment. It’s important to research an industry before investing to make sure the offers you are seeing make sense. It’s also sensible to avoid investing in NFTs and other totally unregulated industries.

This article will walk you through three industries with fantastic global prospects for future investment.

1. iGaming

iGaming is set to become one of the most profitable digital industries in the coming years. It has already taken over a major segment of the gambling market from traditional land-based casinos. Some of the biggest names in casinos have seen the growth potential and created their own online casinos as well.

What makes this such an exciting industry to invest in is the truly international nature. Depending on where an online casino is licensed, it can operate in many countries, even continents. While some countries have legislation regulating or banning iGaming, the majority have either chosen to lightly legislate or to overlook the issue. This makes it possible for foreign companies to operate in these countries with little governmental oversight.

Companies such as www.gig.com allow investors and business owners to focus on marketing and expanding their business, rather than having to deal with all the behind the scenes work that iGaming platforms require. In the coming years, it is likely that we will see a similar expansion in the consulting side of iGaming since it is an industry that benefits from having knowledgeable technical support. If you are interested in iGaming but not in investing in or running an online casino, perhaps consider becoming involved on the support side.

2. Green Power

Climate change is already having a devastating effect on the world as extreme weather events become increasingly common. Governments are on the brink of accepting that they need to take drastic action to avoid a global calamity. Green alternatives to fossil fuels are already part of a growing industry, but the increasing pressure from world governments is likely to create a spike in the profitability of the industry.

Solar, hydroelectric, tidal, wind and geothermal power are all valid and valuable investments. One of the exciting things about investing in these industries is that they aren’t extractive like most resource industries and can therefore help build communities instead of destroying them. They create jobs. Since wind turbines or solar panels or other forms of energy capture can be placed in areas that have been historically exploited and underserved — such as Sub-Saharan Africa — they can bring economic improvements to these regions.

3. Cybersecurity

Even before 2020, we had all been rapidly moving the majority of our lives online. Most people feel comfortable doing their banking and their shopping on their computers and their phones. It’s become second nature to just accept that all our personal information needs to exist on the cloud or be regularly entered on websites. Working from home has also allowed businesses to digitise most of what they do.

Of course, encryption is a thing, but as we become comfortable, we also become careless. This is part of why cybersecurity is another industry with fantastic growth potential. Hackers and phishers are constantly trying to find new ways to access private data. Businesses need cybersecurity teams to protect their information and that of their clients and customers.

Additionally, cyberattacks as a part of terrorist attacks or modern warfare are a very real possibility. Cybersecurity will always be a growth industry because it will always need to stay one step ahead of those on the other side.

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