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Ethical Investing With Robo Advisors

Ethical investing or socially responsible investing as it is otherwise known, is more than just a fad, it’s now a full blown movement, whereby socially conscious investors can grow their wealth in line with their personal values.

There are now over 40 socially conscious ETFs that can not only help you avoid supporting polluting companies such as gas and oil, but can steer you towards helping support companies that are green, safety promoting and socially-responsible. This kind of investing has fast become popular with millennials and robo-advisors have waded into this market seeking out EFTs that can have a positive impact on our world.

Here we have identified three of the best robo-advisors who offer their customers the opportunity to dive into this modern approach to investing.

#1 Tickr

tickr ethical investingWhen it comes to ethical investing, Tickr is one of the few Robo Advisors who focus solely on encouraging investors to become carbon neutral by investing in projects that address issues such as climate change, equality, greenhouse gases and rainforest protection. Whilst they are fairly new to the market, they already boast more than one hundred thousand users.

What we especially like about Tickr is their complete transparency with details of exactly where your money is being invested and for what reason. Tickr is great for investors who are new to the market with 90% of its current users having never invested before.

#2 Wealthify

Wealthify Ethical InvestingWhilst not solely geared towards ethical investing, Wealthify now offer an ethical option to his mostly millennial audience, where investors can get a taste for the market with as little as £1.

Wealthify claim that their ethical portfolios demonstrate historical performance, as well as quality of governance using best of breed mutual funds and ETFs.


#3 Wombat

WombatWombat Ethical Investing allows users to invest in themes that are of interest to them, including five impact investment funds ranging from clean energy to medical cannabis. Its low cost, easy to use platform is very much geared towards novice and young investors.

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